The Dental Health Center

Patient Testimonials


Dr. Seger and the staff were very pleasant and made you feel right at home. I had concerns about a front tooth that might not be able to be fixed but Dr. Seger did an excellent job and my teeth look great. I can smile again.


Enjoyed my visit to have a small cavity repaired. Took about 30 minutes with just the right amount of Novocaine to numb and not last hours afterward. The TEAM is highly professional and enjoy a laugh from time to time. I highly recommend Dr. Seger's practice.


It was my first time in this office and I felt that the people who took care of me are nice, courteous and extremely professional. I will recommend this office to friends and family.


I was nervous because I don't regularly visit dentist or doctors in general but this office made me feel comfortable. Their dedication, explanations and patience with me were noticeable. I loved it and will recommend to friends and family.


I was in need of some expertise concerning ill-fitting dentures. I was greatly satisfied with the care and advice that was provided. An adjustment was made to a denture that I had purchased elsewhere and Dr. Seger was so helpful and listened to me as I explained what my difficulty was. I highly recommend The Dental Health Center to anyone looking for a superior dental experience. I thank my friend who recommended it to me.

Judith H.

I was very pleased with my appointment. Everyone was so friendly and they made me feel very comfortable. The dentist was very informative and took his time explaining my treatment options. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Stephanie K.

No matter what service I receive from Dr.Seger, he, his assistant Tracy, his Dental Hygienist, and staff always provide impeccable care and service. Thank you so much for your great service!!