Family Dentistry in Aston, PA

Family dentistry at The Dental Health Center is designed to treat community members of all ages, including young children and senior citizens.

If you’re looking for a friendly dentist in Aston, PA that cares about patients, please call us to schedule dental exams for your entire family today. If you have questions about family dentistry, we also encourage you to get in touch with a member of our dental team.

Family Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

Large family sitting outside smiling near 19014 dentist officeOur experienced Aston, PA dentist enjoys treating families, and it is one of our goals to treat multiple generations within the same family. This tradition establishes a long-term bond between patients and their dentists.

We designed our patient-friendly dental office with your family's comfort in mind. Our dental care team wants you and your family to feel at home when you visit The Dental Health Center.

We also provide the dentistry our patients need as they age and as their dental health changes. From the first tooth eruption to specialty services designed for older adults, we are here for you!

Choose Dr. Daniel Seger for Your Family's Dental Care 

Dr. Seger is a graduate of Temple Dental School, an institution in Pennsylvania that has produced some of the nation’s leading dentists for over 100 years. He stays current with the latest developments in dentistry and continually learns everything he can about his chosen profession. Dr. Seger participates in ongoing education to provide patients and families with the best dentistry possible.

When he is not at work, Dr. Seger provides dental care to underserved populations around Philadelphia, including those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He has experience with this age group and all age groups, and his compassion makes him an ideal dentist for differently-abled patients, too. 

Dr. Seger hand-selected his dental team and chose members that put patient care first.

Dental Care to Meet Your Family's Needs

Family dentistry in Aston, PA considers the best preventive and general dentistry treatments to help keep your family smiling.

Preventive Dentistry

Young boy laying in dental exam chair smiling at Family dentist in Aston PAPreventive dentistry includes:

  • Regular dental exams to spot potential problems early
  • X-rays as needed to discover underlying dental issues
  • Regular teeth cleanings to help prevent cavities, gum disease, and dental infections
  • Dental sealants to lock bacteria away from dental enamel
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth against cavities

Prevention also includes an excellent oral health routine at home to help keep your teeth healthy between dental visits.

Dr. Seger customizes his dental treatment schedules for each patient but generally recommends twice-yearly visits for exams and teeth cleanings. You should also brush and floss at least twice daily. These recommendations are considered best practices put forward by the American Dental Association.

General Dentistry

General dentistry in Aston, PA considers the treatments and services you and your loved ones need when a dental repair is in order. For example, filling a cavity to repair a tooth and restore function.

Other general dentistry services include but are not limited to:

Family dentistry is about keeping teeth healthy, but it is also about restoring dental health when necessary. The Dental Health Center always ensures that you’re comfortable and that you understand why your dentist recommended a specific treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Seger also considers restorative dentistry an essential part of family dentistry because missing, damaged, or misaligned teeth often lead to general dentistry issues.

  • When teeth are missing, your remaining teeth move toward these openings. This movement leads to crooked teeth, bite issues, dental wear, cavities, and even further tooth loss.
  • Damaged teeth can create openings that put them at risk for infection. 
  • Crooked teeth that require orthodontics like Invisalign are susceptible to wear. Straight teeth are also easier to clean with a toothbrush and floss.

The Dental Health Center offers several tooth replacement options, including dental implants. Our other restorations include dental bridges, dentures, and partial dentures.

We also provide Invisalign in Aston, PA for older teens and adults. Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that relies on clear and discreet aligners to bring your teeth in line.

Dr. Seger considers your individual dental needs and makes the appropriate recommendations. However, the final decision is always yours. We believe that family dentistry should be a no-pressure experience for our patients!

Compassion and Convenience in Everything We Do

Enlarged tooth wearing a stethoscope at dentist office in Aston PAWhen it comes to family dentistry in Aston, PA, we want you and your family to enjoy a comfortable experience. We also believe that dentistry should be convenient.

Gentle, Pain-Free Anesthetics

We use a computerized system to deliver numbing anesthetic before dental procedures. This approach helps patients feel at ease before their treatment. The Wand delivers a numbing agent, and that delivery is virtually pain-free—very different from a syringe but just as effective!

Convenient Hours

We also make it easy for you to fit quality dentistry into your family's busy schedule. Our evening hours one night a week helps you and your loved ones get the dentistry you need without rearranging your schedules.

Caring Club and CareCredit

Caring Club offers significant discounts to patients and families so that everyone can receive dental care. Our program includes an exam, x-ray, two dental cleanings, free fluoride treatments for children, and discounts on several advanced services, including dental emergencies. Contact a member of our dental team to learn more about Caring Club pricing and services.

We also accept CareCredit, a health care credit card that allows you to make secure and interest-free monthly payments on your health and dental treatments. A member of our Aston, PA team can help you apply.

Schedule Your Family’s Dental Exams Today in Aston, PA 

We provide quality family dentistry in Aston, PA, and we look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones into our dental office. Contact us to schedule your family's next dental exams today.

We proudly serve patients and families in Aston, Boothwyn, Chester, Brookhaven, Media, Glen Mills, the neighboring communities in Delaware, and beyond.