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How Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

February 10, 2020
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Do you have a minor small flaw that you are interested in fixing without involving a dental prosthetic? If so, you might be interested in learning about dental bonding in Aston, PA. 

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure where Dr. Daniel R. Seger applies a tooth-colored composite resin to your tooth and uses a special light to harden it. Once hardened, it bonds to the tooth—allowing our patients to design and mend minor to moderate smile flaws.

When Should I Consider Dental Bonding?

Tooth bonding at The Dental Health Center can help you fix the following oral health issues:

  • Fill in cavities
  • Fill in cracked or chipped teeth
  • Cover yellow or dark stubborn stains
  • Lengthen short or stubby teeth
  • Fill in spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Alter and improve the shape and size of teeth
  • Cover and protect an exposed tooth's root after the gums recede

Dental bonding is the most straightforward, least invasive, and most cost-effective cosmetic dental procedure in Aston, PA that can dramatically improve your appearance. No preparation is necessary prior to the procedure, and patients often never require anesthesia. In some cases, you can be through the entire process in under an hour; however, for more than one tooth, patients may require multiple visits. 

The composite resin can improve your smile, but the dental material is not as strong as your enamel. Like your enamel, your tooth-colored dental bonding can be stained from certain foods and drinks like wine, coffee, tea, tomato sauce, and more. Tobacco use can also darken your natural teeth along with your cosmetic enhancements.

Improve Your Smile in Just One Dental Visit

If you're interested in how Dr. Seger can fix and enhance small to moderate smile flaws, please call The Dental Health Center in Aston, PA today to schedule a dental evaluation. Together, we can listen to your smile needs and determine the best treatment plan for you. 

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