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Facts About Full & Partial Dentures

August 19, 2020
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Missing teeth lead to a host of problems—some you may not have considered. For example, the teeth left behind are taxed with a lot more chewing, which leads to deterioration and even further tooth loss. These remaining teeth will also shift into the empty spaces and give you an uneven bite.

Of course, there is also your self-esteem. You want to feel confident when you smile and enjoy eating your best-loved foods.

Your 19014 dentist offers tooth replacement options, including full and partial dentures in Aston, PA.

What You Should Know About Dentures

Full dentures work with complete tooth loss, but partial dentures fill in smile gaps with prosthetic teeth. If you have significant tooth loss, your remaining teeth must be healthy enough to support a partial denture. If the remaining teeth are not healthy, your dentist will recommend extractions for a full denture.

Over time, your jawbone diminishes without the stimulation of tooth roots, which means a loose-fitting denture. This indicates it’s time to consider a reline or an adhesive for a more secure fit.

If you’re looking for a more secure prosthetic from the start, we also offer implant-supported dentures. This process means we implant two to six replacement roots and fix your denture to your jaw. With this option, you don’t have to worry about slippage, relines, or adhesives. Your implant roots can also help protect against some jawbone deterioration.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Removable full and partial dentures require daily cleaning, typically with a denture bath and dissolvable tablets. You can also clean your dentures with a special brush and denture paste, but we recommend not using toothpaste because it can scratch your prosthetic.

Quality Full & Partial Dentures in Aston, PA

If you’re ready to improve your smile or upgrade your dentures, contact a member of our dental team to arrange a consultation with our dentist in 19014.

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