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Everything You Should Know about Zoom Teeth Whitening

January 18, 2022
Posted By: The Dental Health Center
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Teeth discolor for many reasons, including aging and the foods we eat. Lifestyle choices like tobacco use also play a role.

While there are many professional teeth whitening systems, The Dental Health Center utilizes Zoom! Teeth Whitening because it offers consistent and lasting results.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Aston, PA

With Zoom! Teeth Whitening, we can whiten your teeth in our dental office or create a custom system that you can use at home. Your cosmetic dentist can also combine these treatments for a longer-lasting result.

In-Office Teeth Whitening with Zoom

In-office whitening is recommended for patients who want to lift stubborn tooth stains fast. For example, if you have an event in the coming days. We can brighten your smile in as little as an hour with in-office Zoom.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening with Zoom

Our take-home kit relies on custom tooth trays and whitening gel for you to use at home. Simply follow our instructions, and you’ll notice tooth stains fading across the days and weeks.

Combination Tooth Whitening

Your Aston, PA cosmetic dentist can start the whitening process in our dental office, but you can continue to lighten your teeth at home with your custom tray and whitening gel.

Facts about Zoom Teeth Whitening

  • Zoom can lighten your smile up to six shades.
  • Zoom is one of the most popular and trusted whitening systems around.
  • Zoom is the whitening system that patients ask for by name.
  • We only administer Zoom if the dentist agrees that it is safe for your oral health.

Looking for Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me?

We recommend steering clear of store-bought systems and pastes and trusting your teeth whitening to dental professionals. Products not approved by your dentist can be detrimental to your oral health.

To schedule a teeth whitening consultation at The Dental Health Center or if you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry in Aston, PA, we look forward to chatting with you! Call our dentist office at (610) 494-0404 to speak to a team member. 

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