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What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

Crowns are used to restore teeth that are heavily damaged by cavities, fractures, or severe wear.   A crown is much like a cap that goes over the top of the tooth and replaces the lost or damaged enamel.  A crown can help to protect a weakened tooth and prevent further breakdown.

Dental Bridges in Aston PA

A bridge is similar to a crown but usually serves a different purpose.  Although bridges can serve to repair and protect badly broken down teeth, its primary purpose is to replace missing teeth.  A bridge is 3 or more crowns that are made as one piece in order to replace a missing tooth or teeth in the middle.  At least one tooth on either side of a missing tooth is needed to support a bridge.  The bridge is then cemented in place. 

Want to Fill in a Missing Space?

Bridges and crowns can help restore your bite and smile to a more comfortable and aesthetic look. Give our office a call today if you are interested!


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