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How many times do I have to go to the dentist for Invisalign?

Invisalign in Aston, PA, is an innovative orthodontic system created from custom tooth aligners. These tooth trays are virtually transparent and don’t draw attention to your orthodontic treatment.

Besides discretion, you can also count on a more comfortable fit with Invisalign and fewer dentist trips compared to traditional braces.

With Invisalign, we take initial impressions, send the results to the Invisalign lab, and they create your custom aligner series. Then, you come in to pick up your aligners and change them out every two weeks on your own or according to the schedule provided by your dentist. You only visit us periodically to ensure your teeth are lining up on schedule. With traditional braces, you must come in more frequently.

However, the number of dental visits you’ll need with Invisalign varies by patient, as does the treatment timeline. For example, some patients need Invisalign for several months, and others can wear their aligners for up to two years.

For More Information on Clear Aligners, Contact Your Invisalign Dentist Near Me

All orthodontic treatments start with a consultation in our dental office. We want to ensure that Invisalign is a suitable option and that it will give you the desired results. To learn more or arrange your initial consultation with the dentist, reach out today to a dental team member.

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