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What is the best teeth whitening kit to use at home?

Among the most common treatment options for improving your smile’s brightness are professional teeth whitening kits. These usually consist of trays that fit over teeth and a whitening gel you apply to the tray. You then place that tray in your mouth, over your teeth, and keep it in place for a period that allows the gel to coat your tooth surfaces to remove staining.

With such a simple, straightforward process, you’ll find dozens of products available. Here is how to choose the best.

Professional Teeth Whitening Kits vs. Over-the-Counter Options

One major division in teeth whitening kits is between professional products supplied by a licensed dentist compared to over-the-counter kits. At your local store, you will find several kits you can buy without consultation. But cosmetic dentists like Dr. Daniel R. Seger, DMD at the Dental Health Center prefer a more proven teeth whitening system, which only they may provide. Here are a couple of differences:

  1. Your teeth whitening tray – Your professional whitening tray is custom-created to fit your mouth snugly. This fit keeps the whitening agent more evenly distributed and tightly against your teeth. The over-the-counter tray is generic and works as such.
  2. Your teeth whitening gel – Store-bought teeth whitening gel’s strength is significantly less than what your dentist can offer. And to help you use your gel correctly, your dentist can give you careful instructions, answer questions, and advise you what to look for in case of incorrect usage.

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