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Do I really need x-rays?

Many dental and health problems can arise without any symptoms. X-rays allow us to see into parts of the body that we cannot visually examine.

Why X-Rays Matter

Early to moderate tooth decay generally has no symptoms and can occur between teeth where we can’t see them. Digital dental x-rays allow us to identify decay in these areas, which would not be possible without their use. We also use x-rays to check for possible infections around the roots of your teeth. Dental abscesses can develop without any symptoms and are usually not detectable without an x-ray.

Our Promise To You

If you’re concerned about your safety, you’ll be pleased to know that at The Dental Health Center we use state-of-the-art digital x-rays. This technology allows us to take highly detailed images of your teeth and reduce your exposure by about 80 percent compared to film x-rays. Another advantage of digital x-rays is that we can share the images with you on your chairside monitor. When you see the problem for yourself, you can easily understand why you need treatment and how it will benefit your long-term oral health.

We want you to feel completely safe and comfortable with your treatment, so if you have concerns about x-rays, please call our office.

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