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Tooth Colored FIlling

This old silver filling had been in place for many years and was beginning to show signs of failure.  The gray discolorization around the filling is a sign of a leaking and failing filling.  As a filling begins to break down, moisture begins to be let in around the filling.  As moisture and bacteria begin to invade the tooth around the filling, tooth decay soon follows.  This filling was removed and replaced with tooth colored resin filling material.  One of the main advantages of tooth colored filling material is the superior esthetics.  We can eliminate the dark colors of the decay and metal fillings and replace them with a material that is much more natural in appearance. 


Dr. Seger and the staff were very pleasant and made you feel right at home. I had concerns about a front tooth that might not be able to be fixed but Dr. Seger did an excellent job and my teeth look great. I can smile again.

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